Direct Experience™ to Wholeness

Our emotions are bridge between physical reality and the Direct Experience™ of the universe. They are in complete connection to the external world and internal world of stillness. When your in connection, you are the director of your life. Generations of trauma/abuse/oppression have shut of that communication.

My name is Mona Wind and I teach a method of connection to consciousness called Direct Experience™. It leaves thousands of years of mental process behind which creates suffering and activates the energy of wholeness and stillness. From stillness comes love, peace, wealth, health, joy and freedom.

There is a 3 step process to reclaim it. 1. Clear trauma that shuts off the flow. 2. Reconnect to the language of the universe, emotions. 3.Attune to the frequency and practice stillness.

The sessions are tailored to where you are on your journey. You may choose to work on healing/clearing/shifting stuck energies from past lives, lineage and environment. Reconnect to the language of the universe, your emotions. And/or connect to the stillpoint. I invite you to start the journey back to source. trademark

May you remember who you truly are.

Mona Wind