The Akashic Records-Know Thyself.

Akasha is the primordial substance from which everything is formed. It is the source field, quantum field, consciousness. It is all. Everything has a record of it's existence in the Akashic Records. In that library there is a record of your being as well. It holds the key to what is stopping you from no longer feeling seperate. When you connect with it you are letting go of what no longer serves you and bringing the authentic you forward. In this knowledge and healing you can be everything you were meant to and never again forget your connection to source.

Readings and healings can be done at a distance through phone or skype. All sessions are Boston Time Zone (EST). They incorporate an understanding of your lifes' journey and healing blocks that might have been downloaded through your lineage, past lives, environment, karma, thoughts, feelings and perceptions. The sessions are high vibration which allows you to connect to your awareness, consciousness and awaken your own connection to source.

May you remember who you truly are.

Mona Wind