About Mona Wind

Mona Wind is a energy practitioner and consciousness teacher. She offers private sessions, classes and retreats. Her clients come from all walks of life and from all over the world. They are interested in expanding their awareness of themselves, identifying and shifting blocks/patterns and connecting to consciousness.

"I remember choosing my parents before conception so I could continue the process of spiritual evolution. After having a near death experience as an infant my connection to source stayed strong. I was able to tap into any realm, dimension, creation energy, complete oneness. I could/can bring that same experience/connection to others through my eyes.

In the past 18 years I've worked with and taught thousands of people from around the world. They've manifested prosperity, healed relationships, created successful businesses and careers, found inner peace, become happy for no reason, healed their bodies, learned to love and accept themselves. One of the many skills I brought from past lives is the ability to download consciousness through my eyes into another. This is an ancient form of energy transmission. It allows others to have a direct experience with consciousness without drugs, visualizations or external techniques. These students are now able to see, feel, hear the field as was shared in the ancient spiritual scripts. The benefits of that are immense and at all levels as it's a direct link without thought. When this energy is downloaded the spiritual growth accelerates at rapid speeds.

When you experience consciousness as consciousness experiences you through love, everything changes. Your intuition comes through clearly, your more aware, conscious, awake. Your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, lineage heals and you manifest a life that truly expresses your highest, best self."

with love Mona Mona Wind Mona Wind