Akashic Record Current Life Situation Reading

If you're going through a specific life situation that is causing you fear, strife or a feeling of powerlessness. This reading and clearing is what you need. You can use it for legal matters, courtroom dramas, kid's schools, job hunting, meeting in-laws, problems with your boss, relationship issues, and money issues. Anything that is making you uncomfortable now. If you only want to ask questions with no clearing work then the 30 or 60 minute Akashic Reading works best.

Focus on upto 2 issues you're facing when you contact me. Please give me a brief (2-4 lines) description of the issues when you email me mona@lifeintegrity.com. Please also send me your date of birth, place of birth and name at birth. We will meet over the phone for 60 minutes.

Step 1:Please PAY and add your phone number BEFORE you schedule. I don't hold spaces and will cancel the session if payment isn't received within 48 hours.

Step 2:Schedule yourself using the SCHEDULE NOW button below.

Step 3:Email me ONLY 2 issues, your date of birth, place of birth and name at birth. mona@lifeintegrity.com

Step 4:You will receive an email confirmation that will include the phone number and code to call for your session. You don't call me directly, you call the number in the email. If you'd like to skype please email me your skype name. I don't have software to record a skype session but you're welcome to use your own or your phone to record it. All sessions are Boston MA time zone and there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

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For some people alchemy has a certain meaning or intensity, but for me is what I've learned from our session tonight. I fell a deep amazing secret was given to me and I feel honored and loved and cherished. The reading was amazingly powerful but simple, not complex and hard to follow, no long hrs of pretending and suffering. Just few minutes....I've been praying for years for this to happen to my life and being. Mona, every time we do a reading you bring clarity, wisdom, laughter, and divine into my awareness and body. You are much blessed....my gratitude, my love, and my light to you. -Armina
Dear Mona.......wow....that's the only way I can describe what happened today.....WOW! Thank you a million for taking care of me and for all the energy that you put into helping me! It was by coincidence that I found you...or maybe not :) Saying that you are amazing is just an understatement. I look forward to speaking with you again. Take good care and thank you again, Sakis.
I have received such amazing & tangible results from my Life Situation Reading!

-I have meditated for years but I now have a much stronger/clearer connection with my higher self & angels through meditation. The guidance comes through so clearly, even on the fly during daily life such as when I'm driving. This is very comforting to feel them so near.

-I am also getting dreams, dreams & more dreams every night encouraging me to do what I need to do and about ascension to a higher level.

-I now feel more confident and securely guided as I walk through all that was blocking me from my life's purpose before the Life Situation reading. Thank you so much Mona! Your work is phenomenal and you are a bright light. ;) Cathy

Your intuitive reading is subject to your own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. The client receiving the intuitive reading is responsible for all of his/her own choices and/or actions. Results are not guaranteed.