Akashic Record Property Reading and Clearing

Old houses, apartments, offices, condos hold both positive and negative energy. If you're trying to sell your house/condo or buy a house etc. it's a great idea to clear the space so everyone gets a good feeling when they enter. If you are sensitive to energy it's vital that your space is sacred and clear. The more intuitive you are the more disruptive a negative space is.

Negative spaces create chaos, disorganization and disorder, feel uncomfortable or unsafe to be in, have a heaviness to them, a feeling of others present. They can cause problems in your business keeping you stuck financially. They can also stop the sale of your house. Children and animals are the most sensitive to these energies.

After you've paid and scheduled please send me the address and owners name of the property you'd like cleared. It takes me a few hours behind the scenes to look at the space and clear it. We will meet for a follow up phone conversation to discuss the clearing and what was found.

Step 1:Please pay and add your PHONE number BEFORE you schedule. I don't hold spaces and will cancel the session within 24 hours if payment isn't received.

Step 2:Schedule yourself using the SCHEDULE NOW button below.

Step 3:Email me the owners name and address of the place. mona@lifeintegrity.com

Step 4:You will receive an email confirmation that will include the phone number and code to call for your session. You don't call me directly, you call the number in the email. If you'd like to skype please email me your skype name. I don't have software to record a skype session but you're welcome to use your own or your phone to record it. All sessions are Boston MA time zone and there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Results are not guaranteed.

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Just a quick thank you for accurately reading the price of our new home. As of yesterday afternoon, the bid of 520k was accepted. Our realtor heard your prediction of 519k and will chip in the $1000 at closing. We love the Universe and we love you. Thanks Mona. Sally and Stan
Well, Mona. You've done it again! The couple that came within 2 days of the house clearing put in an offer on the home yesterday. It looks like we'll have an agreement on the sale price by tomorrow. Not only that, but the feeling in the house has lifted. Whatever feelings of foreboding there may have been before are no longer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"- Yinh W.
I contacted Mona exasperated after struggling with a difficult home sale. At the time we had been on the market over 60 days (in a good swift market on the West Coast where homes on our street were selling within a week) and our first and only buyer had just walked away from the home for no sound reason. Up until this time we had had over 70 people walk into our home and back out of our home. We had adjusted the price twice for a total of a $40,000 drop -but we still saw no difference. To add to our frustration we watched 2 homes on the same street both sell within days.

Since Mona did the healing, the energetic shift here has been nothing short of PROFOUND! The home is still and peaceful and lingering here is a joy. We are no longer rushing around stressed and out of balance. We are communicating better and rarely argue. A neighbor who we were in a feud with over excessive noise, hadn't talked to me in a year suddenly broke his silence and started to talk to me as if nothing had ever happened! Friends began asking us over when they hadn't before. We started to sleep better and my husband's promotion (with raise) went forward along with our closing date with our new buyer.

After talking with Mona I realized there was indeed a lot going on at my house and our conversation solidified why we were in a major struggle here before her healing. My only regret was that I didn't hire her before I listed my home -- actually 12 years before. -Shelley, Seattle

In order to use my time most efficiently, I no longer answer intuitive questions in email. Even if you are a past client or if it's only one question, please book another session. with me so we can ensure you get the most clear and thorough answer possible. Thank you for your consideration.

Your intuitive reading is subject to your own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. The client receiving the intuitive reading is responsible for all of his/her own choices and/or actions.