Readings and Clearings

During these 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions I combine your questions with healing particular issues that you may be facing. Here are some ideas for your reading/healing session/s. Please be specific in your questions so you can benefit from a deeper understanding of your life experience and we can shift it together if you desire. An example of a question is, "I am having this issue with my wife/husband, can you tell me what lessons I am learning or if we have unfinished karma and can we clear it." "I love painting but feel like I can't make any money. Can we find out what the block is and do some healing in it." "I am struggling with depression, having a child, etc. What is the root cause of that." "What pattern is stopping me from being successful in my profession of..." "Why am I having issues with my mother. What lessons, karma needs to be shifted?" The more specific you are the better the session as I'm not a psychic.

I do not answer the question about what the purpose of your life is. There is no job/title that you're supposed to do. A better question is, "I enjoy these 3 things, which one would bring be closest to myself, create more abundance, have more joy."

The purpose of an Akashic session is to understand and clear what is stopping you from truly connecting to the source. We create karma, stories, patterns from many lifetimes that sabotage our experience of unconditional love and light. When we identify the themes and release it, we connect deeper into the oneness.

This reading/clearing can be done over the phone or skype. Please write down your questions and bring to the session. This session is led by you and what you want to know. Be specific. I open your records and answer any questions you may have. I DO NOT predict the future.

Step 1:Please PAY using the drop down menu below and add your phone number BEFORE you schedule. I don't hold spaces and will cancel you if payment isn't received within 24 hours.

Step 2:Schedule yourself using the SCHEDULE NOW button below. You will receive an email confirming the session. If you don't, check spam first and contact me immediately.

Step 3:You will receive an email confirmation 24 hours that will include the phone number and code to call for your session. You don't call me directly, you call the number in the email. If you don't receive this email, contact me immediately. If you'd like to skype please email me your skype name. I don't have software to record a skype session but you're welcome to use your own. All sessions are Boston MA time zone (EST or EDT) and there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Session Payment and Scheduling below

Online scheduling

Please pay for the sessions within 24 hours or the session will be automatically cancelled.


4 x 1 hour Sessions normally $920: Save$70- $850

8 x 1 hour Sessions normally $1840 Save $200: $1640

Single Sessions

30 Minute Session without mp3 recording. $112.5

30 Minute Session with mp3 recording. Over the phone only. $115

60 Minute Session with mp3 recording. Over the phone only. $230

60 Minute Session without mp3 recording. $225

90 Minute session without mp3 recording $337.5

90 Minute session with mp3 recording. Over the phone only. $345

In order to use my time most efficiently, I no longer answer intuitive questions in email. Even if you are a past client or if it's only one question, please book another session with me so we can ensure you get the most clear and thorough answer possible. Thank you for your consideration.

Your intuitive reading is subject to your own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. The client receiving the intuitive reading is responsible for all of his/her own choices and/or actions.