Akashic Record & Quantum Field

Listen to my radio interview with Author John DeSalvo:

When I do sessions or retreats, I connect to the Akashic records and the quantum field. Through this people are able to understand the reasons behind their particular life experience, choice and then change it if required.

The quantum field is a space of unconditional love and light. It is the void, the creator point. It's the energy behind veil of being born. The zero point. The primordial soup. It is what creates everything that is manifest. The Akashic Records are a energetic library of what gets created in the zero point.

The word Akasha comes from Sanskrit and means primary substance from which all things are formed. Akashic records hold a vibrational record of each souls journey. It has information of what each soul thinks, feels and does over lifetimes.

The Akashic Records have been mentioned in many spiritual backgrounds. In the Christian culture it is referred to as "The Book of Life", the Egyptians mention the records when working with their kings. The most well known reader of the Akashic Records was Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce was known as the sleeping prophet. Thousands of his readings were documented while he slept and accessed the records.

"I had no idea what reading the Akashic Records were until I was going to interview Mona Wind on my radio show. She gave me a private reading and I was just overwhelmed with what she told me about myself. In the 30 years of researching and experimenting in the psychic and occult, what she told me had a most profound effect on me and explained much as to why I do what I do and my attitudes and feelings toward things. What she told me helped me tremendously in my everyday life. I had no idea a reading like this would be so profound and revealing to me. She is the real McCoy and in my opinion, has a very special psychic gift that few people have that claim to be psychic. I am looking forward to future readings with Mona. She also is one of the nicest and most dedicated people I have ever known.” - John DeSalvo, Ph.D. Author Decoding the Pyramids and Dead Sea Scrolls
Some interesting things about the Akashic Record Reading

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