Awakened Being Program

An awakened being is connected to the quantum field of truth, love and beauty. When you are connected to the source field directly, creating, having, living becomes so much fun. You feel what unconditional love truly is. You feel the connection to everything and recognize that it's all for you. You know that whatever you're asking for exists and you can receive it. You watch a butterfly and feel the wind beneath it's wings. You allows yourself to receive the love of the universe. Being awakened isn't a goal for the mind to accomplish and check of it's to do list. It's a way of being that goes beyond doing anything that is written in a book. It's an experience that is real to you as reading this.

I remember the second I was starting the awakening process. I looked around me and was aware that I had created everything. That my mind was just a tool, an identity but not the real thing. In that moment everything got suspended in mid air. I could feel the sunlight, while watching a butterfly, while hearing the waves in the ocean, while feeling the grass growing underneath my feet, while feeling my neighbors concern about his bills and the list goes on and on. In that millisecond there was a connection that goes beyond anything my mind could ever recognize. It wasn't a concept, it was an experience that was real. I had read all the books, Tolle, Krishnamurthy, done all the forms of energy work, but I had not experienced the truth, love and beauty of the oneness until that second.

This program is not for the faint of heart. This isn't a goal that you're going to tick of your list so your ego thinks it's accomplished something. It is the process of growing up from a child (the mind) to the wise self (the universe). The first step of awakening is to take responsibility and clear all the parts of yourself that are distorted, hurt, in pain which is what most energy works does. Then what? Then you move into the higher awarenesses and consciousness. It's meant to be felt, not thought.

This is the foundational learning that we should have received in our schooling but never did.

This form of awakening allows you to go beyond your mind but into what real energy is. I release a hormone from my field into yours that helps you clear out all your past lives, karma, belief patterns, DNA, lineage and puts you directly into the quantum field. This demands a lot out of me but offers you change quickly and effectively.

Please contact me directly ( if you'd like to do this class. It's a series of a minimum of 10 sessions with 30 minutes of homework every week. $2500