Direct Experience™ Program, Single Session, Couples Sessions & 25 minute Phone Session

I specialize in healing the core wound which leads to a life of ease, an aligngnment with you purpose and an expression of your true self. If you've spent this lifetime trying to heal with no avail, these sessions are for you. I access the Akashic Records (the library of all vibrations from the time of creation) to pinpoint exactly where and what the core wound is. We go through a process of identifying, healing and moving into a space of being.

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10 Session Program Description

If you are a new client you must have at least 1-1.5 year minimum of meditation/energy work/spiritual work experience and training. You must have a firm background in Advaita non-duality teachings. Contact me via email to see if this is a fit for you.

Direct Experience™ is a program designed to take you through the steps to wholeness. When you are connected to the field directly, creating, having, living becomes so much fun. You feel what unconditional love truly is. You feel the connection to everything and recognize that it's all for you. You know that whatever you're asking for exists and you can receive it. You watch a butterfly and feel the wind beneath it's wings. You allows yourself to receive the love of the universe. Direct Experience™ is a discipline, not a goal for the mind to accomplish and check of its to do list. It's a way of being that goes beyond doing anything that is written in a book. It's an experience that is real to you as reading this.

Within all of us is the seed of consciousness. We are connected, we are aware. It's only when we sleep that we "forget".

This program is not for the faint of heart. This isn't a goal that you're going to tick of your list so your ego thinks it's accomplished something. It is the process of growing up from a child (the mind) to the wise self (the universe).

You will be taught the foundation pieces of energy beyond the metaphysical concepts. You will learn what the language of energy is. This is the foundational learning that we should have received in our schooling but never did. The first step of Direct Experience™ is to take responsibility and clear all the parts of yourself that are distorted, hurt, in pain. Your shadow, the mind, the ego. Then what? Then you move into the higher awarenesses and consciousness.

This process of connection, allows you to go beyond your mind but into what real energy is. It clears out your past lives, karma, belief patterns, DNA, lineage and puts you directly into the quantum field. It is part of the consciousness schools initiation process.

These sessions include these vibrations.

  • Your intuition and awareness will increase.
  • You will learn the foundation pieces of how to be in the quantum field beyond just the law of attraction.
  • You will integrate past life pieces, lineage, shadow that keep you stuck.
  • You will increase your consciousness coming closer to love.
  • Life will naturally become more fun and joyful.
  • You will have a direct experience of consciousness without drugs, meditation, visualization.
  • Your family and friends will be affected positively.
  • You will have miraculous occurrences where things that you've always wanted will be created.
  • You will be initiated into a lineage of consciousness.
  • Couples Single Sessions (zoom) 55 minutes

    Would you and your partner like some support in healing your relationship? Our childhood experiences and family of origin will greatly impact how we connect with each other as adults. We will work on regaining trust and create a foundation that works for you now.

    Single Session (zoom) 55 minutes

    Sessions are 55 minutes long we look at the issue that is right at the forefront of your life. What you need cleared, healed, transformed, shifted.You will get the benefit of the higher vibration as described in the program above in each individual session. These sessions are from the zero point field, god field consciousness field. This is the state I experienced during my near death experience and after. This is the energy of all creation.

    25 Minute Phone Session

    We will work together on what you'd like healed, resolved, shifted, transformed, transmutted at this very moment in life. We will look at your past lives, emotions, experiences, patterns, imprints, lineage to shed what no longer serves you.

    Payment and Scheduling

    Sessions and packages must be used within 1 year of purchase or they expire with no refund. Schedule Appointment