Case Studies

All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the client. This information is in no way meant to be a substitute for medical diagnosis and/or treatment. Always consult a medical doctor before starting a new regiment. Information contained on this website is based on the opinion and experience of the practitioner.
Laura is a mother of two who had a home business. For years she struggled emotionally and financially. Having her children gave her a sense of meaning but she wanted even more. To fight off depression she smoked. When she started working with me, she felt disconnected, sad and unsuccessful. We worked for two months using EFT and initiated her into Reiki to strengthen her vibration. She stopped smoking and released the fear of not deserving to be happy. Laura got clarity that the business wasn't the right one for her. She needed community and not be by herself the whole day. She also realized that she loved teaching and doing yoga. Through the prosperity class she attracted the perfect business partner. She is now a very happy, successful, yoga teacher.
Jane wanted to accelerate her business and improve her love relationship. A very successful woman in many ways, she had attracted a phenomenal man but kept sabotaging the relationship. In her blueprint was the fear of extreme loss. She had lost someone very young that she loved very dearly. That shock was still in her system and created a pattern of thought and behavior that didn't trust that relationships could last. This underlying fear held her from allowing the love that she so deserved. We removed the pattern and shock from the system using EFT and I'm happy to say that she's married now!

In her business Jane wanted to work less and make more. One of her beliefs was that she has to work hard to make money. Delegating made her feel guilty that she wasn't doing enough. The other major belief was that she couldn't have it all. I initiated her into Reiki which clears out celluar beliefs and makes a person's vibration very strong. Used EFT to make the changes permanent. Using the law of attraction, she then created the right environment, people and opportunities to reach her goals. She is well on her way to becoming a millionaire.

Joe, a very smart and likeable man was having trouble with money. He felt embarassed that he hadn't reached the level of success his friends had. As we did our sessions, I realized he had a strong belief that he was second best. It didn't matter what he did, there was always someone else better than him. His father unintentionally had pointed that out to him over and over again that a cousin was better than him. Joe's belief became that he'll never be good enough. We cleared out his negative beliefs using EFT and through the prosperity class, he attracted the perfect job with a $20,000 raise.
Mary took 5 pills a day because of anxiety and depression. She was in and out of hospitals for 10 years. When she came to see me her hands were shaking. She was sexually traumatized as a child and was still living the nightmare on a daily basis. Most of her family did not understand the depth of pain and suffering she went through. She felt unsafe when men looked at her or if she was in a big city. She'd lived with this for 35+ years. Using EFT and the Theta Healing System, we were able to release the trauma and the anxiety. She is living a much fuller and happier life.
Jim came to me for weight loss. He had been on hundreds of diets, he said. He would lose the weight, and gain it all back with more. He started gaining weight after his divorce. As we worked together, he realized that one of the beliefs left behind from the divorce was that he was a failure. He couldn't make the marriage work. This belief was projected onto his weight loss that he'd always be a failure no matter what he did. He has lost 25+ pounds, kept it off and is engaged.
Daren came to me in deep pain. He had broken up with his girlfriend of many years. She had cheated on him. His rage and sense of betrayal was huge. He couldn't seem to move forward and it was affecting his health and his work. Through the session he came to realize that he had a pattern of attracting women who were narcissistic. Using EFT and Theta Healing, we removed the pattern from his system. Daren has found a deep sense of peace and joy that he's not felt in a long time.
Libby felt empty. As if there was a hole in her soul that would never be filled. She felt disconnected from her power and self. In our sessions she realized that her whole life she had given all of herself. She was always responsible, taking care of everyone. She felt a deep sense of obligation and guilt if she didn't take care of things. We cleared out the blueprint that it was her job to save everyone and if she didn't she was a bad person. Using EFT, Theta Healing and initiating her into Reiki, she learned how to listen to her intuition and soul. Her relationships changed from one of constantly giving to equality. She started a home business and is doing very well.
Sara described herself as "stuck" financially. She was trying hard to make her business a success but it didn't matter what she did, she wasn't moving forward. As we worked together, she described her experience of September 11th. As I looked at her I realized that she became stuck from that day onwards. The experience of 9/11 had so traumatized her system that she was still reacting to the sites, sounds, feelings and experiences of that day. We worked on all aspects of removing the shock from her system. She recently emailed saying that she doesn't know what I did, but feels calm and more peaceful.