Releasing/Cutting Toxic Relationship Cords For Good!

Are you hoping that a past love will come back to you? Do memories of a negative parent, teacher, sibling, friend, abuser still plague you? Is a co-worker, boss, client really nasty and negative to you and you can't get them off your back? If YES, you might have a cord of attachment.

A cord is an energetic connection that keeps you tied to another person. Energy flows back and forth through this cord. That's how when you think of someone they will call. Cords will stay attached to your aura for the rest of your life even if the person at the other end has passed away. The pattern in the cord stays active.

There are two types of cords. Spiritual Ties and Cords of Attachment. Spiritual ties contain unconditional love, kindness and learning. We never cut those. Cords of attachment are negative and still holds the negative energies that were part of the relationship. For example, if you have a cord of attachment to your ex-spouse. In this cord are stuck memories of betrayal, anger, hatred, sadness, fear, rejection etc. Even if you're no longer seeing each other, because of this cord, toxic emotions could be affecting your peace of mind, health and happiness.

Major cords are with spouses, ex's, parents, siblings, abusers, children, grandparents, best friends.

Minor cords are with teachers, co-workers, bosses, bullies, acquaintances, clients.

Most energy workers suggest using Arch Angel Michael to cut or release cords. Although this can work it does not clear the deep root of the cord. In many cases the cord reattaches itself. You see, if you never deal with the real cause and emotion of the cord, the lesson is not complete. In the clearing process I use, it takes 10 steps or more to make sure the cord is clear.

When a cord is cut it doesn't mean that the person on the other side will change their behavior. It will not affect them, it will affect you and the way you feel. You won't have obsessive thoughts, feelings that make you feel bad. You have cleared that person's energy from your system.

You will take your power back. Stop patterns that no longer serve you and finally feel free of the past.