Energy Clearings/Healings/Releasing Blocks

If you're stuck in any area of your life and want to shift it, heal it, unblock it, this is the session for you.

Energy practitioners are trained to find the underlying causes and blocks that keep people stuck, unhealthy and unhappy. The word energy refers to the belief, understanding that all things are made of vibrating energy. The latest research in Quantum Physics is proving that this vibrating energy is sending out a signal. It doesn't matter if it's a plant, a stone, or a person. This vibrations hold all data about who you are as a person.

I connect to the quantum field and allow it's unconditional love to shift, heal, unblock the situation.

These sessions can be used for finances, health/body, relationships, entity removal etc.

Step 1:Please PAY and add your PHONE number. I don't hold spaces. If payment isn't received within 24 hours of scheduling, the session will be cancelled.

Step 2:Schedule yourself using the SCHEDULE NOW button below.

Step 3:You will receive an email confirmation 24 hours before your session that will include the phone number and code to call for your session. You don't call me directly, you call the number in the email. If you'd like to skype please email me. All sessions are Boston MA time zone and there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Results not guaranteed.


4 x 1 hour sessions normally $800: $750

8 x 1 hour sessions normally $1600 : $1500

Hourly Sessions

1 hour session without mp3 recording $195

1 hour session with mp3 recording $200 Over the phone only.

1.5 hour session without mp3 recording $292.50

1.5 Hour session with mp3 recording. Over the phone only. $300
Schedule your appointment after you pay, use the schedule now button below! Schedule online now
Dearest beautiful Mona, I really can't thank you enough for the transformational experience of last night's session with you.  I am soooooooo GRATEFUL for all that you have done, I feel much lighter and many parts of me are restored. There are no words to express enough how I feel or how it feels to be gradually back to me and to Source. OMG, I missed me!!!!!! I really did and didn't know how much until today. I miss being in the Light that I am.  Thank you and a huge hug to you and the Light that you are Namaste. -- Love Light Peace Layal - Kuwait

Hello Mona,

I thought I will share this with you.  I dont't know if you can remember but you did clearing for my son Ameet few weeks ago.  Today he has started a new job and he is very happy about it. He has been trying to get out of the new job for quite some time now.  You have amazing ability to clear the blocks and also you give good guidance.  I have signed up for your newsletter and right now enjoying the videos that come in my mail box.  lots of love and gratitude - Shaila Canada

Mona is absolutely amazing! She helped our family so much beyond words. Her healing work is beyond and above energy healing, she heals people's souls. It was almost magical that she seems already knew about me and my energy levels and personality, also who plays important roles in my life; She is the real deal! Working with Mona is such a blessing, she is a powerful healer yet so loving, genuine and compassionate about her clients. After each session I always felt loved and cared and full of positive energy. Thank you Mona!! We love you! You are a true healer!! Big hug to you!! - Amy, San Francisco CA
The way I found my way to Mona was really bizarre, but it doesn't matter.what matters is that I found her! I contacted her immediately to ask her if she could help me and my family, because we were in terrible place at that moment. My sister suffers childhood traumas and all the symptoms that come with them. Her condition was getting worst and worst and there was nothing I could do to help. The psychiatrists couldn't help either. They abandoned us in the mercy of God. I was terrified that she would soon commit suicide. After the first session that we had with Mona she already started feeling much better. Many of the symptoms of the disorder diminished and I saw my sister calm again. Mona did healing sessions for me too and she helped me listen to my inner child and start taking care of ME! When we started clearing for my mom we found out that my aunt had done black magic to my parents and all the family and this explains everything that was happening to us. So much pain, depression, anger and quarrel in our life. Mona again did her miracle. All the healing that Mona performed for my family were distant healing through me and it is unbelievable how accurate everything she said was. UNBELIEVABLE! We are all in a much better place now. I'm not scared anymore, cause Mona is here! I'm deeply grateful for her precious HELP! That's why I decided to call her Angel Mona!!! I'm sending you millions of blessings and wishes my dear! THANK YOU!!! -Nina Greece
Thank you. My body feels like it had a long soothing massage and I am walking on air with a grin on my face and laughter and joy in the heart. You are awesome at what you do! Hugs, Lise Denmark
Wow, what a powerful, amazing, mind-expanding session! Thank you so very much! Jane H. Texas
Mona Wind is a tremendous healer and incredible gift to this planet. Working with Mona is deeply transformative and has changed my life in profound ways. I’ve met with several very talented intuitives and readers over the years, and Mona is, without question, practicing at the highest level. After just two phone sessions with Mona, I am experiencing a freedom of spirit that I didn’t know was possible. Some of my most deeply rooted beliefs and patterns have untangled and are resolving. Issues that I was unconsciously holding onto like security blankets dissolved into thin air – while we were giggling ! Mona’s integrity is second to none, her radiance is palpable, her joy contagious. We navigated otherwise tricky territory playfully and with a sense of ease. I am amazed by her magnanimous talent, clarity of sight and commitment to give so generously. She is also able to engage on multiple levels and dimensions while still keeping it real. I AM GRATEFUL, beyond-beyond, for her enlightening insight and guidance. Mona. Thank you for changing my life and helping me reach a new space of self-truth, lightness and freedom. All best and love ! - Britta Van Dun
I hope you are doing well. Not sure if you remember me, but I went to see you about anxiety / panic attacks a couple years ago. During my session you identified a spirit/energy of someone who has passed before me has attached themselves to which time you explained to me what had happened and helped the individual move on from me. You had helped me tremendously and I have been doing well since then...
Just a quick progress report. Breathing is so much easier. Neck is looser. Didn't wake up with the vague sense of panic I was used to. Felt much more relaxed and pleasantly curious. My whole system has been rewired. I am so excited to see how my life unfolds with these changes... Thanks again, Mona. The work you do is life-changing.- love A.