Mona Wind Your brain is a wonderful tool. If that tool gets hurt through emotional, mental, physical abuse, or chronic stress, anxiety, exposure to toxins of any kind, it can't function at its highest capacity. It struggles with happiness, creation and manifestation, health and well being. Everything becomes difficult, slow, tedious and exhausting.

The Amygdala, two almond shaped groups of nuclei control and manages emotions that are related to survival. If they are damaged, fear (fight or flight reaction) becomes the prime directive. A damaged amygdala can create an imbalance that can lead to both physical issues (weight, diabetes, cancer etc.) and emotional patterns.

Depending on the level of hurt/trauma your brain has experienced, the amygdala creates set points, glass ceilings. This is as far as your brain will allow you to progress and receive both physically and energetically. It's trying to protect you from more stress!

If you experienced someone hitting you, your brain associates this as love and locks it down. It then MUST find that same kind of person to have love or be loved. This is an example of a set point. There are weight set points, money set points, happiness set points, healing set points, etc.

In this 4 week pre-recorded class, we will be focusing on healing your brain and releasing the stress that's impacting it. This immediately translates into your daily life. It creates ease with money, your body, relationships. You're not struggling, you're allowing and receiving. Remember when you were little and all you did was play and create? Your brain wasn't affected yet. Wanna play again?


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