Create Life Through Joy & Ease


What if you could create & manifest relationships, money, your body, energy, time with joy and ease?

Will you chose it?

Can you remember a time when you created something with so much ease and joy that it felt like you didn't do anything? What if that's the true energy of creation and actualization.

When I create something through ease and no resistance, it feels like magic and fun. It's like the picture of the bird, moving with the flow of energy. When I push to manifest things it leaves me tired, unhappy and unfulfilled. It doesn't have to be hard. You heard me right, it doesn't have to be hard! We make it hard, or we're told it's hard, or we buy that it needs to be hard. Actualization and manifestation happens when there is joy, ease and happiness in our energy.

After working with thousands of people, what I notice is that the ones who create the most change in their lives, do it through these energies. Yet most people don't even remember why joy feels like. Once in a while they get a rare glimpse of that energy and then it goes away.

JOY, HAPPINESS, GRATITUDE, FUN are the components of true creation. You ready to create with EASE?

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Monaaaaaaa! THANK YOU for another amazing class. Every single time I attend one of your classes, I always receive at least (at least) one life changing piece of information! You are truly amazing and I thank you sincerely for your patience (yes, i can hear it in your voice), persistence (you won't stop until we get it) and above all, Love! -Dennis
Hi Mona, Thank you so much for your expertise, willingness, allowing, empathy, compassion, caring, love and connection of heart Saturday. The class was extremely wonderful! :) I was not sure before hand how I would feel about a class done entirely over the phone without being able to "see" you or anyone in the class since I am so visual. Hakuna Matada it really felt good! LOL

So many things you brought up and worked with us on were so accurate for me, you would bring certain issues up before I even said them out loud. I am amazed and very grateful. :) I learned so much Saturday about why I have lived my life until now. I took a lot of notes. I need to remember to keep looking at them. :) It helped me so much to hear the other people in the class talking about their feelings and issues, a lot of which were my feelings and issues also. One man in particular kept saying words that were exactly what I have been feeling and was feeling at the moment also.

Between the people in the class and you especially, I felt as though I was understood, that someone gets me, finally! Since no one in my family nor my closest friends choose to understand who I AM now it is such a relief to know that there are people who DO understand who I am and that it is ok to be who I am. I feel as if I am hiding who I am NOW, from people that supposedly love me, and yesterday validated how much I feel I have to hide ME. It was proved simply by my feeling of such relief & happiness that you and the other people in the class resonated with and truly understood me, and felt these same ways. -Kathie