Mona Wind

The dictionary defines limitless as without limit, boundless. Our cells function that way, the universe functions that way. What if we're created to be that and we've contracted and LIMITED OURSELVES?

Being limitless is creating from the space of the universe and ALL IT'S MOLECULES and RESOURCES. When you tap into the universal energy, there are no boundaries, limitations, rules, regulations. That is a human construct, story, definition.

Most people never go beyond their limitations. They try to use the resource that is them instead the resource that is the universe. In this class you will be learning how to use the universal energy system to change your world. Let me explain it this way. When you look into your mind, you only have you as the resource. When you look into the universe, you have everything else and YOU as the resource. A lot bigger playing field.

Working with the universal energy system creates magic in your world. Magic is our true nature. We forget that our bodies are doing billions of things simultaneously and we don't have to CONTROL IT or even FOCUS on it. The universe is operating the same way. Orchestrating megagillions of forms of energy. Why not become the conductor of that orchestra?


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