Upgrading Your Money Blueprint

Welcome to the world of money is the root of evil, difficult, I don't deserve it, I have to work hard at it, I'm not worth it, rich people are greedy, it's because of the recession, I won't make money doing what I love and beyond.

The ridiculous part is that EVERYTIME there is a recession, more MILLIONAIRES are created! WHY is that?

My Story: I lived with hundreds of money issues every single day of my life. I came with them from past lives and supported it by attracting parents, culture and society who struggle with it. India is a very poor country that is filled with the energy of lack. I thought that opening up my business almost ten years ago, I would get all the answers. I struggled for years. What was I doing wrong? Why was I not making a 6 figure income easily? I was doing good work, helping others feel empowered. Why wasn't this working!!! It took me a few years to realize that I WAS SABOTAGING MYSELF! Once I cleared that sabotage, my business flourished joyfully, easily and with lots of fun.

Within each one of us lives a money blueprint. It is the beliefs, thoughts, experiences, vows, contracts, promises this lifetime and past lifetimes that have ingrained themselves into our subconscious about financial abundance. Our subconscious holds 90% of our vibration and our conscious mind only %10 or less. So we're basically running a money program. Anything our program says, we create.

What I realized is that this reality sets you up to fail. Where would you learn that money was easy, joyful, could flow? If you were lucky enough to be given a healthy money blueprint, then you're actualizing money effortlessly. If you're like the majority of people on the planet, creating a flow is a battle.

Ok we got set up! We were NEVER TAUGHT to receive money rather to resent it.

A huge part of creating wealth is being able to receive it. If your money blueprint creates reasons for you NOT to have money, even if there is an opportunity you won't take it. Yes I know that makes no sense. But the blocks your subconscious creates blocks your reception of money.

If you resent money, you're telling money to go away. Remember your subconscious mind is 90% so you can affirm all you want. If that 90% is saying NO, it wins out.

In the pre-recorded live classes (18 hours worth) and the EFT Manifesting More Money class, you will be clearing ancestral money patterns, your past life money patterns, your contracts, vows, promises, your upbringing, your negative experiences with money and so much more. You will also receive 3 fun energy vibration games. These games are specifically designed to create a flow of abundance to you.

A Hypnosis recording that will create new patterns in your brain, 3 resistance removal and alignment meditations and a 21 day Gratitude Journal that keeps you focused. The Hypnosis recording is specially designed to create a permanent vibration in your subconscious mind to attract what you desire most. The alignment meditations remove any daily resistance you might have to create a consistent high vibration in your system. The gratitude journal helps you solidify the energy of money within you. In these intense classes and sessions, get ready to dig deep, and expand your mind and energy.

The original cost of these 3 classes was $597. It's now $97

With all three classes you're clearing thousands of issues and blocks.

Money Blueprint Class #1

Money Blueprint Class #2

Manifest More Money EFT

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"My practice is now booked solid. I was lazy at first about doing the classes. I bought the programs and put it on the side, waiting for the "perfect" time. Well it never came and I finally did the program. I have now done it a couple of times and am noticing that the issue of money is disappearing. Thank you! - April"
"Things are getting lighter. Life seems to flow a bit easier and money comes in unexpected ways. One of my friends gave me a check for $1200 as a present. No expectations, no attachments, just a gift. My father, who speaks to me rarely called me one day and asked me if I needed any money or anything else! I receive free coffees, dinners, gifts all the time. It is quite a magical experience. I plan to do the class every few months to keep myself flowing. Thank you so much, it's nice to feel more ease and joy in life! - Judy Baker"
"I'll be honest. When I first learned about what you did, I didn't think it would work. But surprise surprise, after using your program for a little over a month, I am in the flow! Money comes easily and effortlessly and my days are filled with so much more peace. Thank you. - David"
"I feel so much more happier, relaxed and KNOW that I can manifest what I'm desiring. All those years of feeling stuck and trapped about money has melted away. I am constantly surprised at the many ways I create new sources of income. I use your program consistently and often, especially when I feel stuck. It's a tool I have for the rest of my life. Thank you Mona! - Geena"

Dear Mona

I have just finished the first money clearing package and I have to say WOW! I feel it is very effective and rich – and probably requires another round, as I feel my system could not take all of it in one go. Gosh, incredible how many potential sabotaging energies and influences against money/abundance we can carry!

I found the review of the experience in "mother's womb" and what happened after birth very useful. Also the differentiation between body and infinite being was helpful, and it all makes so much sense! Session 3 was very powerful. And I love the fun factor and what you said about "having fun is a good purpose in life"...

I feel lighter and more joyful. Thank you very much! Love Marina

"Since our work on abundance I have seen my income nearly double. I knew in my heart I was blocking something (incorrect beliefs installed during childhood) - and I will never forget the tapping sessions you took me. I was completely mis-aligned when I met you. My career was sideways, my marriage a wreck, and generally waffling. I feel aligned today - and work at it. Thank you again for everything." Mike
"The biggest shift for me (someone who went in cloudy and unmotivated) is clarity and motivation. I am driven now that I realize what I need to do. I always thought I was lazy but I'm not. This class is a must, I cannot believe all of the time and wrong energy I spent running around in circles in my past. Not just with money but with everything. This class isn't just about money it's about a path of peace and feeling secure in every sense of the word. Trusting yourself to steer you and your family into the right, bright future you all deserve!" - Gretchen Jean
"There were many pivotal points during the class where things clicked for me. I realized that my own deep rooted beliefs were paralyzing me. The biggest shift was my energy level shifted enormously and so did my focus. I increased my income per week without increasing my effort." - Cheryl
Mona did it again! 5 star money clearing seminar. She is humble loving and powerful! She was able to locate our issues and dissolve it with her multiple techniques. I was amazed with her job and talents! It was lots of fun working with her. She removed our energy blockages like never had been there. This life and many life times back. I am very pleased with the result. Highly recommend to everybody who's feeling stuck in every way. She is amazing soul doctor! Thank you very much Mona!!! Much blessings, Gerard Mayers