Puja/Ceremony/Intentions August 16th, 8-9 am est

Mona Wind Energy of my lineage behind me! This hasn't been altered in anyway.

This is a special prayer/ceremony that I do that I'm now being asked to share with you.

  • You are in a major transition.
  • If you'd like an extra push towards a goal.
  • Your feeling stuck or unclear.
  • Your having a baby. Bought a new house. Have a new job.
  • Your want a baby. A new house. A new job.
  • You sense you have karma to release.
  • You have family members who need support.
  • You have an animal/pet who needs support/healing.
  • You want to accelerate your physical manifestations and spiritual life.
  • You just want to feel good, connected, loved close to the divine!

  • Mona Wind

    Ceremony/prayers are a very important part of our life. They connect us to our soul, source and the earth plane. When we're in ceremony, we're allowing for the universe to offer us all that it has and we're open to receiving it.

    I will gather special flowers, herbs, spices for the offering. In Puja's (worship) there is always a fire ceremony where these elements are put in with intention. I ask all my lineage to come through to assist you and your family in your intentions. You can intend for as much as you'd like to have happen. The universe is infinite after all! These intentions are magnified times a million in the quantum field.

    I will do this over zoom. You can register yourself first and then each additional person or animal in your family (they don't have to be there) is $25. You don't need to send me their information. They're welcome to join via zoom or you can set the intention for them and yourself right at the beginning of the ceremony. Please don't do this on behalf of a friend. They are from a different lineage.You can do this for your partner/husband/wife as you become one lineage. If your signing up for both days, let me know. It is recommended to do these once a month because they feel so good, uplift energy and assist on your path.

    Mona Wind

    Dates: August 16th, 2020

    Location:Online. 1 hour 8-9 am EST.
    For you. $200 each Puja

    For your family/pets each Puja. $25