The Akashic Records & Halls Of Amenti Instant Downloadable Home Study Course


The Akashic Records are a library in the fifth dimension that holds the thoughts, emotions, experiences of everything on the planet from the beginning of time. During this powerful class you will be taught how to access yours and others records. Because the records contain information about your soul's journey, accessing them gives you a bigger picture and idea of why, what, and how something is happening. You can ask any question while you're in the records.

Until October 2010 the Halls of Amenti could not be opened by the masses. Fortunately for us, we are now allowed to experience the wisdom of the halls.
The Halls exist in the center of the earth and hold Ascended Masters and Energy beings that teach the mysteries of time, space, alchemy and the nine dimensions. Some of the things they teach are Magnetism-the ability to channel energy through the body and heal, Hycrokinesis-ability to control or manipulate water, Cryokinesis - the ability to control or manipulate temperature, Photokinesis- the ability to manipulate light and become invisible, Bilocation -the ability to be in more than one location at the same time, Remote Viewing - the ability to view in 3d persons, places, things and events in the past, present and future, Telepathy- the ability to communicate with other people or other conscious life-forms through your thoughts, Levitation-the ability to defy gravity and float in the air.

Your ability to put aside your thinking mind and open up your higher self will determine what and how much you learn from the Masters. Please note that this is a very rare experience as only a few could enter the Halls!

FREE Recorded Question/Answer Session Based on this class. Some of my students sent in some questions as they were studying and I've recorded the answers for you to listen to as well.

  • Instant downloadable program in zip file format after payment. Using broadband will make the download time shorter.

  • Includes manual, 5 hours of audio Akashic Records training and 9 hours audio recording of the class for Akashic Records and Halls of Amenti.

  • Cost: $99

  • Please download the link within 24 hours or the link will expire.

  • PURCHASE NOW If you're new to energy work, this is a gentle, easy class where you can't make mistakes! Enjoy getting to know yourself and others! I will be happy to answer questions about the process and if you're stuck on a certain clearing or directions. Please do not email me about what your soul name, what your guides names are or what the answer to something is. That requires me to read your records which makes it a session. Remember the audio that answers questions above as well.

Hello Mona,

I just wanted to say I have really been enjoying the online Akashic Records & Halls of Amenti Course. I actually spoke with you a couple of weeks ago about using pendulums… and at that time you let me know I had some clearing work on myself to do. I very much appreciated the information, and have since cleared this and continue to use clearings daily, simply for good measure! I also have continued to do a LOT of homework with the Akashic Records and wowser, so cool. Lots of deeper understanding about myself, which is just very awesome.

I just wanted to share these things about myself, because in learning even more great stuff within spiritual development, the Akashic Records is such a great addition. The Halls of Amenti section is next, which looks really interesting as well. So, again, thank you!

Keep doing what you do Mona! Your style is so fun, and the way you share information makes so much sense. Especially how you describe how we are all Infinite Beings and how to better understand our individual purpose.

Have a wonderful evening! Best, Jill M.

Hi Mona, I just wanted to say I loved that course! And love being in that space, they really helped me not feel alone during my difficult time. Ying Wu

Hi Mona!

I'm having so much fun learning from you in the Akashic Records workshop. It's so much more than just the A.R.- your connecting the dots and it's leading to deeper understandings for me. I didn't know what Elders were, and now I know I am one. I didn't really know why I faced depression for so many years, all I thought is that I didn't belong here. Guides have told me that I am "star seeded" but I didn't remember what they meant. You're great at translating light language in a way that leads to accelerated understanding and I appreciate that :-)

I thought that entering the records was going to feel like a foreign and exotic experience, but it felt like entering an old, familiar home with a study!

I am enjoying the class and looking forward to strengthening this 'muscle' to be of service to myself and others, so thank you!

Mikey, MA

I LOVED Mona's Akashic Records / Halls of Amenti class!!!! Mona is a consummate professional and her teaching and guidance during the six class course was spot on and comforting. Mona's engaging and loving personality allowed us to connect in humor and joy as well, making her class exponentially more enjoyable! Mona guided us skillfully and connected us to this amazing journey. I must emphasize that I received remarkable wealth of personal information and a continuing Spiritual connection from this experience. It was so easy to take the Akashic Record's class with Mona. I was happy to skip traveling and was able to attend every class from the comfort of my own home! Mona is an extremely experienced and professional teacher and I highly recommend all of her services! Gail , Swampscott MA
I have new found Joy and a deeper conscious Soul Understanding Now! I feel Honored and have opened up an ancient Gateway to Assist on many levels. I was waiting for a while to do this reconnection to the Akashic Records Again. I was guided to you and your website. I am so ready to have this experiences and Unfoldment of my next step to the Beyond of It All. My heart is filled and Fulfilled. In Gratitude to your Being. Raleen
I can not express in words the journey I had as a participant in Mona's Akashic Records and Halls of Amenti class. It is something one must experience first hand to appreciate. You will "walk away" all the better for it. Mona's gift is to help you rediscover or uncover the gifts within yourself. She provided support and guidance, which helped me to become more confident in accessing latent abilities as well as in using them. So much awaits you and you will find that this is just one "thread" that connects to any and all aspects you will encounter as a soul. Since taking the class, I've grown more confident in how I receive information and have even begun reading for friends. Thank you for all that you do Mona!-Karrol Altarejos
I want to share something with you. I purchased the Akashic course. In the Halls I really didn't have very strong experiences until I met the Guardian. When I spent time with him I saw VIVID stars. They were amazing. Now I frequently see stars when I close my eyes. I even wake from "dreams" that have been star filled. I'm now fascinated with them (I also watch everything I can see on space, which i never did before). The other night my neighbor was walking me home and he remarked how I always stop and stand in a particular area. I told him that I could see Orion's Belt and when we got the area them pointed and said "there it is". He couldn't see it for about a minute or two, the he responded that I must have really good eyesight (he's not blind, his is extremely good). OB was very clear to me. I'm thinking that the Guardian is priming my eyesight for some reason. Pretty cool...-Carla K.
I bought Mona's Akashic Records class after my friend talked about it endlessly! It was more than I expected! To understand my own soul and the decisions and choices I'm making, has brought so much more peace into my life. I'm enjoying it so much that I am reading for others now. -Catherine
I have been using the clearings in my own life and it has gotten so much better and easier. I could feel energy moving through my body and honestly I don't feel anything! Peter