Frequently Asked Questions


I am NOT a psychic. I don't predict the future because I can't claim 100% accuracy. The future has probabilities and possibilities, not certainities and there is always the option of new choices that change things. When you come to your session please have questions ready as well as what you'd like to work on.

What reading/session should I chose?

Trust yourself, your gut always knows what you need. Go with what your first reaction was. If you're not clear then read the descriptions page for the sessions as they're outlined with a lot of detail. Note that there is only so much clearing/healing that can be done in a session. Try not to do 10 things at once.

What is your payment policy?

All sessions must be paid via paypal when you schedule or you will be cancelled within 48 hours. I don't hold spots. You have 24 hours to cancel an appointment via email or phone call 781-438-4078, text messages are not accepted as cancellations. Put cancel appointment in the subject line. If you're doing any kind of Akashic house clearings, Akashic emergency/situation reading once you pay the process has started. You will not be refunded.

Pay for 30 or 60 minute Akashic Readings.

Pay for a Life Situation Reading.

Pay for a Akashic house clearings

Pay for a Energy Clearing/Healing

Can I record the session?

Yes over the phone only and they are $5. It's part of the payment of the sessions if you chose it. Let me know that you'd like to do that and I will set it up for you. Skype is available but there is no recording. You can use your own recording device. Please use a land line for best reception and clarity if you'd like to record the session.

Where do I pay? How do I pay? What is the cost?

On every single page of the readings/clearings section of this website there are PAYPAL buttons as well as cost of sessions. You can use any credit card to pay. You don't need an account just an email address.

Where do I schedule?

Once you pay (there are paypal buttons on every page with session descriptions on them), you will need to use the SCHEDULE NOW button on that same page. If you can't find it, you can use this link to schedule the appropriate session for your payment.

I was gifted a session now what do I do?

Once your session is paid for my your gift angel, please ask them to contact me and let me know your full name. You can then schedule yourself into my calendar directly without contacting me. You will choose the session title that was gifted to you. You can use this link to schedule.

I need to do an emergency session?

Emergency sessions are set based on availability. You can email me at to see if anything is open.

I paid but didn't get an appointment date/time?

Once you pay, you need to schedule yourself into the calendar .

I scheduled myself and then 48 hours later received a cancellation notice, what happened?

You will receive a cancellation notice if your session is not paid for within 48 hours. On each page of the session description are Paypal buttons to pay.

Do I call you for my scheduled appointment, or do you call me?

When you schedule, you will receive a confirmation email with a phone # and code to call. You call this number for the session. There is also a link to find a FREE phone number from your country and state. You will use the code given in the email to call me. I don't call you. If you don't receive this email, check spam first and then contact me immediately. 24 hours before the session you will receive another reminder with the phone # and code to call. Skype is available but there is no recording. Email me if you'd like to do a skype session.

This is Boston time zone. EDT or EST. Check your time zone at

Can sessions be done in person?

Because I work from home, I only do sessions over the phone or skype.

If I miss my session?

I will wait for 15 minutes and deem the session as a no show unless you contact me immediately (while the session is going on) about why you're late. You can email me at to let me know. You will have to pay full cost for the session if you miss it.

Why aren't you available to talk or email on the phone outside of sessions?

My schedule is quite busy doing healing and readings during the week. I receive so many emails every day I can't answer them all.

How should I prepare for a session?

Take a few minutes and write down questions/issues you'd like answered/cleared and bring them to the session. If you've paid for a recording, then you can relax and not take notes.

When do I get the recording I paid for?

You will receive it within 24 hours of the session. You can email me a reminder if you don't.

Why don't you do sessions in the weekends?

I spend time with my family and friends during the weekends and also take clases to further my skills.

I'm really nervous about what I will find out.

This is a normal reaction. Because you get to ask the questions in the readings, you decide how little or how much you want to know. You're in charge! Your soul will not tell you something that is not important for you to know this lifetime around.

Do you do free or discounted sessions via phone or email?

No I don't do free or discounted sessions. You are welcome to use the free audios, meditations, articles, quizzes etc that are under the Free tab button above. Or you're welcome to schedule a session to answer your questions.

In order to use my time most efficiently and offer you the most information, I don't answer intuitive questions in email. Even if you are a past client or if it's only one question, please book another reading with me so we can ensure you get the most clear and thorough answer possible. Thank you for your consideration.

I wish you life, love and happiness.

Best Wishes,