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"I stumbled across Life Integrity's website while searching on the Internet for an energy healer to cut cords of attachments. I was a bit nervous about working with someone I had never met, but within the first few seconds of our conversation, I was confident that I had found the perfect energy healer. Mona easily intuited accurate information about my life and the things I have faced in the last several years. During our sessions, she helped me clear a lot of negative energy, cut cords to toxic relationships, and identify a new career path. Within hours of working with Mona, I felt energetically lighter and more empowered to move forward in a new direction.

Finding Mona has been an answer to my prayers! She has an amazing gift to help people identify and remove blocks to achieving the life they want. I truly believe Mona cares about her clients and is passionate about helping us fulfill our life purpose. I am so grateful to have found Mona and I look forward to doing more work with her in the future!" - Charmaine

"I was introduced to Mona through my brother. At that particular time in my life I needed someone to balance my emotional and mental wellness. The moment I walked into her office I knew I found the person I needed to help me. I felt an immediate connection and also a feeling of security and comfort. Mona has helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I am very grateful that she came into my life. I am a different person today because of her. I look forward to spending more sessions with Mona in the future. - Kim Karras
As I sit and reflect on the past year, one of the more impactful events was meeting Mona Wind. She is a wizard and a visionary; a teacher, a guide and also a kind and dear friend. As a fellow energy healer in the Vortex tradition, Mona is gifted. She has also helped me and my children with her use of EFT, a refined intuition and her access to akashic wisdom. We are lucky that Mona is in our lives and I would recommend her to anyone who has a question which needs to be answered or a crisis to be resolved; her perspective is far more impactful than any other approach I have come across. - Cherish Pratt, New York
I am truly grateful for Mona's services. I have consulted her several times and each time her multi-dimensional yet practical answers have been extremely empowering. Most recently, her profound insight to the cause of a recurrent issue in my life gave me a sense of deep relief inside and I am now seeing great improvement in my situation. I feel I have been set free at last! As a practitioner myself, I have encountered many other practitioners, but I would definitely highly recommend Mona! K. Toronto,Canada
"Divine timing brought Mona to us! My husband and I love to do guided meditations - including cutting cords with Archangel Michael. This worked very fine for us until we had to experience a stormy emotional trauma combined with psychic attacks. In this time of sadness, confusion and turbulence I found Mona's web site. Immediately I felt: This is the answer of my prayer for a helping hand. During the one hour reading Mona found very fast the real cause and emotion of this unhealthy cord which brought us illness, confusion and worries. She resolved it and gave us a shelter belt of protection and helpful advice for protecting ourselves for the first time after this shift! It was unbelievable.

After the reading a wave of inner peace, freedom and joyfulness came over me - and is with me until now - weeks after the reading. After listening to the recording of the reading my husband felt the very same - because he was actually the target of this turbulence. As a consequence he ordered a reading for himself, too. Later he said the reading with Mona is one of the best energy healing experiences he ever have had, and that he recommends Mona's help for everyone who is truly interested in changing and growing , reaching a deep level of spirituality and self knowledge.

We are so thankful dear Mona that you entered our lives to give us support and help. We now know that all things will work out for the best for us. And as we know meditation is a valuable practise for us - we can work with your powerful downloads. Of course we will come back soon. There are a lot of things to clear, to learn and to sort out. Bye for now and Namaste. Thankful Margarete Koester, Saskatoon, Canada"

"Mona's reading of my Akashic records has begun to usher in the highest state of growth I have yet experienced. It's been a week and already my life is organizing itself in new and more efficient ways. I highly recommend the experience, but with the understanding that you are being reorganized on the deepest levels of your being while Mona is chatting with the keepers of the records. It will accelerate your evolution. Enjoy the ride." Amy Tanner, Berkshires, MA
"This past year has consisted of many major life changes. I was sad, depressed and had anxiety issues. Therapy with a psychologist did not help me. I struggled with my self-esteem and self-image. I truly thought there would be no end to my misery. I met Mona in a gathering and decided to try speaking with her. After the first meeting I felt that this was right. We did energy work and I did all the homework she gave me. Mona has aided in me in finding a new career, moving out to my own place, and has put me on a path of true inner happiness and peace. My anxiety level is so much lower and my depression has subsided. I am much more self-confident. Without Mona I don't know where I would be today."- Jennifer Boyce, Waltham, MA
"I highly recommend Mona to anyone who is on the path of discovery and finds themselves in need of a companion, a compass or a moment to replenish. Many therapists and coaches have their own methods, their paradigms and egos. But I find working with Mona more effective and productive because she acts as a clear, accessible channel to truth and healing that is natural for each of us individually. We are doing powerful work together and I am so grateful you are along side me." - Denise S., Winchester MA
"Mona is unique in the way she can spot what is blocking you before even you realize it. She has helped me overcome issues I didn't realize were slowing me down. If more healers were like Mona, this world would indeed be a happy place." - Mickey S., Nashua, NH
Wow, Mona is amazing! After struggling with fear of writing for several years, I started writing again after just one session of EFT. Mona quickly identified what was blocking me and gently guided me through a process that allowed my ideas to flow! I am very grateful for Mona's help and would recommend her to anyone seeking freedom from self sabotage and self doubt. - Lea Hill, Nahant, MA
It is amazing what Mona can do!  Within just one session, Mona pinpointed the very work that I needed done (releasing the subtle negative energies weighing me down for months) and giving ME the tools to keep myself attuned and in harmony.  My husband said to me yesterday,  "I don't know what Mona did for you exactly but you certainly have been much calmer."  "I really do feel much more grounded and balanced and less stressed! Thanks Mona for working with me!! - Kelli Marcou
I am stunned by how effective our session was for me. I'm incredulous because, well, who are you? What do you know of my life, what it's like to be a parent, what it's like to be me? How could you such insight, intuition, wisdom? Frankly, I couldn't care less HOW you do it, but you do it incredibly well. Things are sticking that have never stuck before. My mindfulness is, for some reason, still with me instead of being some passing fad or a one day epiphany. I just wanted to thank you for your help. - Jay Finney, Marblehead MA
I had my first session with Mona at the crisis point where I was considering leaving my long time partner and I was in a very tumultuous emotional state. Many of the issues I faced in my relationship had old roots in negative family dynamics. A decade of Jungian psychotherapy had helped me to understand intellectually what was going on but I was addled by the reality of all the vestiges of my childhood abuse literally making me feel stuck. All the cognitive understanding in the world couldn't break the cycle. Mona unlocked the deep, subconscious patterns I was struggling with. I had tried EFT and hypnotism in the past with no tangible results but Mona is a true healer and in her hands tools like EFT and Hypnosis are beyond powerful. The results were amazing. I literally felt the old anger and injury release from my body on a gut-deep level.

I'd had major dental problems that included fracturing six teeth from chronic teeth grinding. I attributed this to stress and for years had worked with meditation and relaxation techniques to relieve it to no avail. In a single session, Mona honed in on my extreme teeth grinding as an ancient defense mechanism that I needed to let go of. I was very skeptical that this would work but it did. I thought I might feel better for a few days then revert back to what seemed like a life long problem. Within days I could feel a tremendous relief in my jaw and neck. Most of all I feel a huge sense of relief and hope that I can transcend self-destructive patterns. Working with Mona is a rare and precious experience and I look forward to my continued work with her. - Dianna Dapkins

I am still shocked with amazement. I now thank God for having you enter my life. Thanks to you, I know that things will work out for the best. I actually get an energy boost instead of the drained feeling when I think of my issue. Thank you! - Kim Keefe, Tewksbury, MA
Without a doubt, working with Mona was the BEST THING I could possibly have done!! There were MANY surprises over the time period and Mona's sense of humor and intuitive suggestions truly helped change the way I was ordering my life. There were personal discoveries and some things that had been difficult areas for years, I was able to deal with in a peaceful manner. Mona has an uncanny ability to tune in to me. Her spirituality and caring, and her openness to share herself in ways that are helpful, is absolutely amazing. This was a healing and growing experience, for sure!!

Thanks to Life Integrity, LLC and THANK YOU, Mona - Pam Lefave., Tewksbury MA

Mona, you have been the agent of change in my life. You have been the catalyst to my huge paradigm shifts in how I think my way through life. I'm having amazing breakthroughs over here. Ideas just jumping up all over the place for growth of the business, for more time for myself to reflect and connect to source. I am connecting with my source, my purpose, what I was meant to do here on this earth in this life. - Melissa S., Gloucester MA
Mona, I came to you a bit skeptical and left a believer. With your help, I have been able to accomplish some goals that didn't seem obtainable before. The human mind has so much unused potential. Someone with your ability can be an incredible resource to aid people in realizing what can be done if they put their mind to it. Keep up the great work, it is obvious that you are passionate about what you do! - Rob Surrabian, Stoneham MA
So often we think, "what can help me?" We see so many ads, pills, and gimmicks, and just don't know what to believe. I have learned we have blocks that prevent us from overcoming many obstacles, challenges, or problems. These blocks prevent us from moving close to the life, person and dreams we always wanted to have, be and accomplish. It has been an experience hard to describe, but after every session I feel like I have gone through years of therapy. Walking out of a session always feeling good is something I would want everybody in this world to experience! - Nicole, Wakefield MA
After spending a lot of time, money and working very hard on myself to ensure I would live a life that I love, I didn't feel 100% content. After I met with Mona, the sense of freedom, power and peace I never saw possible happened effortlessly in a few sessions. The feeling of contentment is like no other. It's hard for me to understand that some people live life NEVER realizing these things....WHAT a SHAME and Thank God for people like you! Thank you-thank you- thank you. - Julann Briggs- Tewksbury, MA
I feel like a million bucks, really! It is incredible how much can be explored, experienced and accomplished in such a (relatively) small window of time! I don't feel obliged to have negative people in my life or to go overboard in making it all okay! THANK YOU Mona for your professional and kind guidance. - Nicole Bacon, Winchester, MA
The energy work I experienced with Mona has been a life-changing event for me. Mona has the gift of blending the East and the West together, providing a foundation in eastern practices with an approach that is accessible to those in the west. Mona has helped me to understand patterns and "connect the dots" of my life and has cleared space for new growth. Plus, she's great fun to work with! Thanks Mona! - Alicia Matheson, Belmont, MA